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At the termination of primary and high school studies with the La Salle Christian Brothers, Mr. Cochez attended the School of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Panama, the first higher education institution of the country, where he graduated receiving his Law Degree. He earned his Master's Degree of Civil Law at the Law School of Tulane University in Louisiana, New Orleans, in the United States.

Upon return to Panama, Mr. Cochez established a successful law practice and became a Faculty member of the School of Law of the Universidad de Panama, where he currently teaches a variety of courses concerning Commercial Law (Corporations, Contracts, Negotiable Instruments, Banking and Maritime Instruments and others). With Mr. Ricardo Landero, he is co-author of the textbook "Commercial Law - Course I".

In 1989, after the overthrow of the military dictatorship that had ruled the country since 1968, Mr. Cochez was appointed Major of the City of Panama. For ten years he was a member of the National Assembly.
For more than 15 years Mr. Cochez provided law services to an important Panamanian banking institution, achieving valuable experience and decisive knowledge on Commercial Law issues and, in particular, on Banking Law issues. Since its inclusion in the curriculum of the School of Law, Banking Law has been taught by Professor in the University of Panama.
Since the enactment of the Conciliation and Arbitration Law in 1999, Mr. Cochez has taken extensive extra coursework and training as to become a recognized specialist on the subject and to win the most important arbitration case ever submitted in the Republic of Panama. In July 2002 he was appointed certified arbitrator by the Conciliation and Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Panama.

Mr.Cochez is associate member of the American Bar Association and member of the National Bar Association of Panama.      Email: