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Dry Season

Panama is currently in Dry Season (January-April, 2011).

Only an inch of rain per month, clear blue skies with passing white clouds, strong winds, clear nights, temperatures of 70 F at night and 89 F at noon, with only a few hours per month of 90-93 F degrees, and comfortable humidity (57% at 89 degrees).
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Updated February 15, 2011


Rainy Season 2008 -- May-December -- "Winter"
Dry Season 2008 -- January-April -- "Summer"

Daily Weather History Archive Almanac
Summary 2007
panama temperature chart, panama temperature graph, panama temperature table, panama weather almanac
Quick Facts
Annual Temperatures
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Why No Hurricanes
About Panama Weather, Climate and Microclimates
    Accuracy of Weather Reporting
    Rainy Season and Dry Season
    Temperature Ranges (Fahrenheit)
    Cooler Altitudes
    Geographic Differences and Microclimates
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Microclimate:   Las Cumbres, Panama, at our weather station

Written June 1, 2008
Forecast for June:   like November 2007.

Last month, May 2008, the first month of this rainy season, with 15" of rain, was 50% heavier than the abnormally dry peak rainy month of November last year. May is not usually the heaviest month of the season. We're going to call May an usually heavy rain month and guess that June will go back to a normal pattern, but rainier than last year. So our 'forecast' is for June to hit 10" of rainfall, looking like last year's peak November.

November 2007 Weather Chart

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Rainy Season 2008 -- May-December -- "Winter"
Microclimate:   Las Cumbres, Panama, at our weather station

Written June 1, 2008
Rainy Season began like clockwork, on May 2 with 2.75 inches of rain falling during the first week (May 2-8). It rained 15.50 inches during the month, with half falling in the last week (May 23-28). This is heavier than the peak rainy months of October and December 2007, each with about 10 inches. This may or may not be a trend. You never know what's going to happen next! We had sunny rainless days the last 3 days of May. The seasonal prevailing wind changed direction from NE to SW on May 20.

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Dry Season 2008 -- January-April -- "Summer"
Microclimate:   Las Cumbres, Panama, at our weather station

Written March 14, 2008
Forecast for the rest of March and April:   just like January and February.

Sunny days almost every day during the dry season with low humidity, moderate temperatures and steady cooling breezes (speaking of the Las Cumbres lake/mountain microclimate).

In the transition from rainy season ('winter') ending in December 2007 to the dry season ('summer') beginning in January 2008, rainfall abruptly dropped to zero for all of January, midday temperatures jumped up 4F degrees owing to lack of cooling cloud cover and cooling rainfall, and humidity dropped to 40% at times. 10 day forecast, 15 day forecast, January February March April May June July August September October November
December, rain chart, rainfall chart, weather chart, temperature chart, weather history, climate almanac
Rainy Season To Dry Season Transition
Average Monthly Temperatures (F) By Hour and Monthly Rainfall Total
Microclimate:   Las Cumbres, Panama, at our weather station

Drought conditions, which occur annually throughout Panama on the Pacific side of the central mountain range, are beginning to become intense due to the severe lack of rainfall in some areas, following the same weather pattern as the unusual drought conditions currently in effect in the southeastern United States blamed on the La Nia phenomenon.

If drought conditions are as severe as in the 1997 La Nia in Panama, ship traffic in the Panama Canal will be cut back, affecting especially larger ships with deeper drafts, and the cities and towns will experience water shortages and rationing. The restriction by the ACP (canal authority) on big ships will highlight the lack of water needed for the Panama Canal expansion project. For additional background on water shortages, see our website

Epilog June 1, 2008

Drought did in fact occur. The country's hydroelectric dams reported very low water levels, nearing the point of rationing electric power. Rains came in time in May to avert a crisis. The ACP (canal authority) publishes an annual rainfall review, but we won't see their assessment for several more months. There were no announced cutbacks in shipping traffic.

Rainfall in March was 1/8". Rainfall in April was 2 1/4". Bringing the grand total for the entire Dry Season of 2008 to a mere 5 5/8" of rainfall, less than half that of a single Rainy Season month.

Yellow Guayacan Tree Flowering Early On The Face Of Mount Peon Means Local Drought
Las Cumbres, Panama, March 1, 2008

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Daily Weather History Archive Almanac
Microclimate:   Las Cumbres, Panama, at our weather station

5 day forecasts are what you are used to seeing at other weather websites. However, in Panama it is impossible to forecast the weather, either short term or long term, owing to widely varying and often rapidly changing weather conditions occurring simultaneously in hundreds of microclimates throughout the country. Rainy season is rainier and dry season is drier, but in either season it is not possible to predict when and where it is going to rain. And temperatures, in turn, are dependent on cooling cloud cover and rainfall.

Instead, we offer hourly weather reports of actual conditions here at our weather station in Las Cumbres, Panama, as well as historical background and statistics useful in observing trends.

Some of the best weather in Panama is currently occurring in Las Cumbres, with cool temperatures (for Panama), lots of sun and a few cooling showers. The night temperature is usually 73F, with virtually no rain falling during the night. 72F is as 'cold' as it gets in Las Cumbres.

The best way to predict the weather in Panama is to bet that today's weather will be similar to recent weather.

Click on any month below to reach the archive.

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Summary 2007
Microclimate:   Las Cumbres, Panama

Written December 15, 2007
Rainy season was very peculiar in 2007 (May-December). For much of Panama, rainy season may already be over as of December 1. Humidity has dropped dramatically and days have been sunny blue skies, nearly cloudless much of the time. And the prevailing wind has changed from SSW to NE-NW. As for the months of September, October and November -- usually the heaviest rain of the year -- reports have been mixed throughout Panama. Here in this microclimate at our Las Cumbres weather station, rain has been very much lighter than usual, which correlates with the NOAA prediction of dry conditions in the southern US states owing to a La Nia. Meanwhile, Panama cattlemen talk of the effect of an El Nio causing excessive rain in the mountains and elsewhere, with so little sunlight that pastures could not grow normally. The early tip-off that this rainy season would be strange was the abnormally early blooming of trees in the excessively rainless dry season of January-April 2007, with guayacanes flowering in February instead of May in some locations.

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Quick Facts

Panama's temperature and humidity are often LOWER than Florida's in hot months.
Panama city, Republic of Panama, is due south of Miami, Florida (see hurricane map below).
Panama's 'summer' is winter in the US, Canada and Europe.
Panama's weather is impossible to forecast because of hundreds of microclimates.
High winds occur in some seasons in the mountains, for example Boquete and Volcan.
The Caribbean side (north coast, Bocas del Toro, Colon) is far more humid and rainy than the Pacific side.
The driest part of Panama is the Azuero Peninsula (south coast 'boot', Pedasi, Tonosi, Los Santos, Chitre).
The hottest part of Panama is around David (southwestern border near Costa Rica) with 100F in January.
Length of day is about 12 hours year round because Panama is near the equator (9 degrees north).
Sunrise is approximately 6:20am and sunset is approximately 6:20pm year round.
Panama never goes on Daily Savings Time since all days are the same length.

This website will soon have an accurate weather data archive of the microclimate of Las Cumbres, Panama,
9 miles north of Panama city, with photos of the weather over Panama city.

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Annual Temperatures

Panama's temperatures are incredibly consistent from year to year for given microclimates. In addition, temperatures vary only 4 degrees Fahrenheit on average between the warmest months (January, February, March, April) and the coolest months (September, October, November, December) -- in the microclimate of Tocumen International Airport, for example. Tocumen is a Pacific coastal area below a cloud-catching mountain range 17 miles to the east of Panama city. In Tocumen, in Fahrenheit, the annual range of daytime highs is 83-89 degrees and the annual range of nighttime lows is 73-76 degrees. In Centigrade/Celsius, the annual range of daytime highs is 28-32 degrees and the annual range of nighttime lows is 23-24 degrees. The data in the following table does not apply to other microclimates such as the Pacific coastal city of David or the mountain altitudes of Boquete, for example.
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Google's Panama Weather Forecast
Google has recently added its own weather forecast for Panama city.
But do not expect accuracy, given the difficult reporting within Panama.

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Why There Are Never Any Hurricanes in Panama
The track of the recent Hurricane Dean illustrates why there are never any hurricanes in Panama.
All hurricanes originating off the coast of Africa are moved by prevailing winds and steering currents westward and northward. A few brush the northern coast and islands of South America along 11 degrees latitude north of the Equator. But Panama is 'tucked away' at 9 degrees latitude below the reach of hurricanes. The same holds true of all hurricanes spawning in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.
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Panama Weather in a Nutshell
Interest in weather forecasting and reporting in Panama is very low within Panama. The local TV channels do not include it in their news coverage, and there is no weather section in the local newspapers. Drugstores and supermarkets do not carry weather thermometers, so bring your own.
This lack of interest is because the temperature is 'always the same' in Panama from day to day for a given season and because the rain is always unpredictable. Also because variations in hundreds of local microclimates make accurate overall forecasting impossible. And too because there are very few weather reporting stations -- all of them are at sea level, with none in the mountains to cover the cooler climates.
Accuracy of Weather Reporting
Most weather reporting, especially internationally, is usually based on the weather station at Tocumen International Airport, 15 miles to the east of Panama city on the Pacific coast. Even these records are often in error -- I have seen the airstrips soaked with rain while the aviation report showed them dry. The weather feed from this station is often interrupted and unavailable for international reports. The other tiny reporting stations are off the air even more frequently.
No historical weather archives or weather almanacs are kept, even at Tocumen.

The Panama Canal Authority's Doppler radar station -- the only one in Panama -- is terribly inaccurate, showing almost constant rain around the city of Panama which is not the case, as you can easily verify here by looking out your window. It too is sometimes out of service.
The only accurate view of the weather is via webcam, and there are only a couple of those in Panama.
Rainy Season and Dry Season
Suffice it to say that the rainy season is rainy and the dry season is dry. There is a marked difference between the two seasons, so it is worth visiting Panama twice if you are planning to live here. The rainy season is from late May to early December, while the dry season is from late December to early May -- nearly exactly the same seasonal weather pattern as South Florida, except for the complete absence of hurricanes.
The rainy season does not mean continuous rain. Usually mornings are sunny, with intermittent heavy downpours in the afternoon. Continuous overcast and drizzle is not the norm except sometimes in the rainiest months of October and November. Local microclimates vary widely, with flooding occurring in different areas each year. Annual rainfall in the city of Panama is about the same as Miami at 8 feet per year. The rainiest areas in the western mountains on the Caribbean side can go up to 23 feet of rain per year. Rain is worth big money to Panama because it is what floats the ships through the Panama Canal.
The dry season can be extreme in some areas in the later months of March and April. Much of the south side of Panama annually undergoes actual drought conditions with water shortages for agriculture and sometimes for drinking. In 1997, drought conditions were so severe that the ship traffic through the Panama Canal was reduced.
Seasons are named the opposite of what you may be used to. Winter in Panama is known as summer up north and vice versa. Winter in Panama refers to the rainy season (May-December) and summer in Panama refers to the dry season (December-May). This means that in the cold months of winter time in the north when many people are seeking relief in warmer climates, Panama is having its summer with the highest temperatures of the year. The school calendar is also reversed, with school 'summer' vacations from mid-December through February. (This may seem contradictory, since Panama is in the northern hemisphere.)
Temperature Ranges (Fahrenheit)
75 degree days and 85 degree nights can be used as a rough average for the cooler months of the rainy season (May-December) around the periphery of Panama city. It is hotter in the cities than in surrounding areas. Add 5-10 degrees for the hotter months of the dry season (December-May), depending on where you are in Panama. Because Panama is near the Equator, the length of day is nearly constant, with the sun rising at about 6:30 am and setting at about 6:30 pm year round, avoiding the extremes of very hot long-day summers and very cold short-day winters experienced in northern countries. To monitor the current average temperature as compared with South Florida, the Caribbean and Central America, see the temperature map at the top of this page. The complete range of temperatures covering all seasons at all locations and all altitudes is between 50 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Cooler Altitudes
10 degree cooler temperatures may be had at altitudes above 3,000 feet, in 4 areas popular with former residents from north countries. For distribution of mountainous areas in Panama, see
Geographic Differences and Microclimates
The Caribbean side is much rainier than the Pacific side, and the southernmost tip -- the Azuero Peninsula -- is much hotter. The west is hotter than the east, compared at equal altitudes. The city of David, the hub of western Panama, had a heatwave in January of 2007 with 5 days over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while in the city of Panama, the hub of eastern Panama (and located in central Panama), the temperature did not exceed 95 degrees. Microclimates can be extreme, with dry brush environments next to rain forest. In some higher areas, a difference of 500 feet in altitude can sometimes mean being stuck in perpetual low cloud cover. Some mountainous areas also experience annual seasons of high winds. Some coastal prevailing winds reverse seasonally. Some hilltop and lakefront locations are comfortably breezy despite normally high temperatures.

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                 Compare Panama To Florida

Current Temperatures

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Current Rain in Panama

This Doppler radar is usually WRONG!
Shows false rain. See 'Nutshell' above.

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Current Rain in Florida

This Doppler is very accurate.

click on map to enlarge


Florida Hurricane Center

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More Features

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Heat Index:, 92°. Humidity:, 89%. Visibility:, 4.3 miles. Observed at: Panama, ... global/stations/78806.html

Panama City PAN Weather - Forecasts, Radar Maps, Video, and News
MSN Weather - Current conditions, forecasts, news, video, and maps for Panama City PAN.

Weather in Panama City, Panama, Central America
Panama City, Panama, Central America Forecast issued at: Wed Sep 21 15:00:00
UTC+0100 2005 ... Find weather around the world ...

Panama Information - weather, maps, pictures
Panama Travel Information > luxury vacations, hotels, tours, canal cruise, real estate. panama/panama_information.htm

Weather Center::: Local Weather For Panama City, Florida
Conditions at nearby location: Panama City-Bay County International Airport, FL.
Current Conditions ... More Weather From TBO and Storm Team 8: ...

Panama Airport Weather
Panama Airport Weather: includes both Panama airport current weather and Panama
airport forecast weather. Times for sunrise and sunset at Panama Airport. - Travel News Results Page
Destination: Panama Sept. 6, 2000 Stephanie Watson, ... Local weather:
Panama City, Panama · Local weather: Bocas del Toro, Panama ... topstories/travel/000906destpanama.html

Weather Underground: Panama City, Florida (32401) Forecast
Historical Data & Charts — Live Panama City Beach Weather · Beach Mosquito Control
District, Panama City Beach, FL. Temperature, Dew Point, Humidity, Wind ...

A Site One on the Internet Destination - The Weather
PANAMA CITY BEACH:; Panama City, Florida: Current conditions & 5-day forecast.
Intellicast Weather - Panama City: The world's premier weather information ... - Weather- Panama City, N/A has upgraded its weather service. The weather page you have bookmarked
has moved. ... FIND WEATHER AROUND THE WORLD. Enter city name or US Zip Code: ... : Guides & Advice : Weather Center
weather station: Panama City last updated: 10:45 pm CT. temperature: 82°F (27°C)
air/sky: partly cloudy partly, wind: from the South at 8 mph ... weather_display/1,1939,AOLSVC%7C788060%7C0,00.html

CANOE -- CNEWS: Weather
Panama City. September 30, 2005 ... Last Updated: 2005/09/30 23:11:31 The data
presented here is © The Weather Network. All rights reserved.

We also have the Panama Canal that is something we really care about. When you
come to Panama, you should visit it. The Panama Canal is located in the ...

Map and References for Panama
Panama Yellow Pages - Panama Yellow Pages - Weather: Weather Underground - Panama
City, Panama - Search Panama: Search Yahoo - Search Yahoo - A searchable ...

Shh, It's a Secret- Panama City Beach's Best Travel Weather
The best weather that Panama City Beach, Florida gets all year is in Springtime.
Highs in the 70's, lows in the 60's... it just doesn't get a lot better ...

Expat Focus > > Content > > Country Guides - Panama > > Panama ...
Panama - Climate & Weather. Most expats enjoy Panama's mild tropical climate and
this is one reason it is very popular among retirees. Panama is very close ...

Weather - World Conditions
Panama · Ponce · Port Au Prince · Port of Spain · Puerto Vallarta · Saltillo ·
San Felipe · San Jose · San Juan ... information provided by, The weather Co ... conditions.asp?location=Panama&region=Central+America

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